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This Is The Most Straightforward Pathway to Immigrate to Canada Permanently!

I'm Victor Ola a.k.a VO

  •  Nigeria-Born but Global citizen, Travel Abroad Consultant
  • Helped 267 people (Individual/Families) moved to Canada successfully (As Student/PR) amongst those who doesn’t have a relation here or huge money in their bank account and thousands of people currently putting in their application
  • Shares quality travel information and update with over 470,000 readers across West, East, Central, South Africa and middle east weekly
  • Manages the Largest and growing Canadian Hopeful audience across Africa on Telegram in over 10’s of thousand
  • My Story has Appeared on different Mainstream News/Education Media blogs in my home country

So This Online Workshop Is Only FOR  

1] Anyone struggling to get the required CRS score

2] Anyone whose age is Age 18 years and Above, as long as you can work

3]You don’t want to go school every day with projects, presentation, assignments, exam

4] You couldn’t pay huge tuition fee because you aren’t able to get scholarship

5] You want to immigrate permanently and start working

6] Anyone with minimum of 1 year working experience

7] Your minimum educational qualification is secondary or post-secondary training i.e National Diploma, Advance Diploma, Ordinary Diploma, NCE or its equivalent

1] There is something Abroad that is Above. Not just “work hard and pray for a favor?”

Most prominent Nigerians/Africans today didn’t have all their education in Nigeria/Africa. Almost ALL of them had Formal/Informal education abroad.

Dangote or Otedola. Michael Adenuga, to all the Bank CEOs you admire; Tony Elumelu, Aig Imokhuede, Charles Soludo.

Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Tafawa Balewa etc. Tinubu schooled abroad; Peter Obi; Kayode Fayemi

Okonjo Iweala. Oby Ezekwesili
Abena Osei-Poku, Julian Opuni


2. The Present Healthcare System In Nigeria/Africa Is In A Mess
3] Consistent Mental Abuse by the environment. The System is Just Toxic
4] Do you need FREE Skincare Therapy?

Feedback From Users of This Report:

Lost $500 To A Well-Known Immigration

Lawyer With Nothing To Show For It

Chartered Accountant Earning N120k/month

Moved To Canada Permanently From Lagos

Prince Iheanyi Richard Got His PR Card within 3 weeks of Landing

From Tema To Alberta, Mensah Nana Got Her PR Card Too

Why do I need To Immigrate Permanently To Canada

and eventually Get Canadian Passport/Citizen

1] Free and high quality schools for kids. Premium quality schools up to grade 12 is free. Education is free for the children until they enter University.

2] Free medical facilities. Health insurance is funded by the government.  There is no need to fly to any country for medical reasons

 3] Families will be Eligible for child care benefits. It is a tax-free monthly payment made to families to help with the cost of raising children under 18 years of age.

 4] Food bank (as a new comer you are entitled to receive FREE foodstuff)

5] Access to Provincial Student loan and Assistant program. Low fees for tertiary education compared to International student.

6] You can sponsor your Parents and Grandparents for Canadian Permanent Residency

If you find a straightforward way to stay permanently in Canada and secure a job in 2023 without wasting time groping in the dark, would you follow it?


How a Broke Lawyer Immigrated Permanently to Canada, Secured A Choice Job Within 150 Days without wasting Time & Huge Money On ‘Fake’ Travel Agent or Knowing Any Embassy Official following This 3 Little-Known Secret


And How you can follow the same Straightforward pathway to Canada even in 2023

SECRET 1: You can immigrate permanently to Canada from your Home Country Alone or With Your Whole Family using other little-known alternative reliable pathway Without knowing Any Embassy Officials

We are focusing on main program under the Canadian Express Entry System:

The Federal Skilled Worker Program [FSWP]

This is the main immigration program for skilled workers with foreign work experience who want to become permanent residents. To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Have at least 1 year work experience outside Canada
  • Provide proof of writing IELTS general
  • Have minimum of post-secondary education
  • Must be between ages 18-40 years


ALTERNATIVE PATHWAY 1: Caregiver Programs

There are currently two immigration programs in operation that are specifically designed for caregivers. These two programs were launched in 2019 following the closure of the Interim Pathway for Caregivers.

The Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker pilots.

ALTERNATIVE PATHWAY 2: Atlantic Immigration Pilot Pathway

AIPP is focused solely on replenishing the labor pool of the Atlantic provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Prince Edward Island. It has offered 3,729 jobs since inception and has helped 2,535 applicants and their families get permanent residence in Canada. Due to its tremendous success, the pathway has since been extended to close by December 2023

How Does The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Work?

Step 1: Get a Canadian Job offer in one of the participating Atlantic Provinces from a designated organization/employer.

Step 2: Gather all Your Documentation. This includes:

  • Provide proof of writing IELTS general
  • Have minimum of secondary education
  • Have a genuine and valid job offer
  • Age must be 18 years and above, as long as you can work
  • Certificate of Endorsement from your Province of Choice; and
  • Additional documents (specific to each profession)

Step 3: Apply for Permanent Residence.

ALTERNATIVE PATHWAY 3: Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

The (RNIP) is a new program launched in June 2019 aimed at strengthening smaller communities, especially those in rural areas. Employers in participating communities will have the opportunity to post employment opportunities.  Skilled foreigners who are looking to live and work in Canada will be able to apply for these positions and should you be successful, the community will recommend you to the government for permanent residence.    


 . Have at least 1 year work experience outside Canada

  • Provide proof of writing IELTS general
  • Have minimum of post-secondary education
  • Have a genuine and valid job offer
  • Intend to live in the community
  • Meet community-specific requirements
  • Age must be 18 years and above, as long as you can work

SECRET 2: You and your whole family can own a Canadian Passport without doing money ritual or fear of deportation again.

Huge opportunity of becoming a Canadian citizen after 1095 days of living in Canada which could have cost you $100,000- 10million dollars trying to buy citizenship of some second-class countries.

Canadian passport has visa-free access to 186 countries.

With YOUR Canadian Passport, you do not require visa to visit


  • United State of America.
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain.
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Sweden
  • Norway

VO, How Then Do I Get Started Using The Surest & Alternative Pathway To Become Permanent Resident In Canada so

1] You can work for full time or over time per week with no restriction

2] You pay same ‘domestic fee’ as citizen if you wish to attend any post-secondary program

3] bring all your nuclear family and sponsor your extended family to Canada

4] become Citizen within 1095 days.

5] clinch professional or even government jobs if you want

This pathway is called


The Complete & Ultimate Pathway To Stay Permanently In Canada:


Which Includes: The Federal Skill Worker Program

Provincial Nomination Program

and alternative Pathways like:

Caregiver Program

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Pathway

Rural and Northern Immigration Pathway


CASE STUDY:  Osita David, 31, Young Broke Lawyer with barely 1 year of Practice in Nigeria used this pathway to relocate his Family to Canada Within 150 Days without using any Travel Agent or his His Wife Submitting IELTS General Test Result. He also got a Job In a Real Estate Law Firm within 19 days of Landing Here

So let me introduce the same Report David used to immigrate to Canada through the PR Pathway

Canada PR & Job Domination Report:


A Comprehensive Report To Get Your Permanent Stay in Canada without Wasting Money on any Travel Agent if you are age 18 and above.

What You Get Inside This Domination Report:

1] How to scale through all the various application process


2] How to increase your CRS Point if you have been drowning inside the pool or struggling to enter into the pool


3] How to apply for your transcript for verification, so it doesn’t get delayed or lost in transit including Contact to get documents sorted from Nigerian universities


4] Easy and Reliable Method to get your qualifications evaluated.


5] How to Submit your entire application all by yourself from start to finish until you obtain your Confirmation of Permanent Residency and then become a citizen without the help of any Unscrupulous Agent


6] How to take advantage of poor IELTS score if you ever fall short using other alternative pathway to permanent resident


7] How to increase your chances at the pool if you don’t have A DEGREE and NO work experience.


8] Why your Express Entry application can get rejected so you can avoid making such mistakes.


9] Get access to Comprehensive Self-Study Guide Compiled by IELTS Top examiners. The material is designed to expose what IELTS examiners are looking out for in all the four aspects.

  • Including Case Studies of People who had Band Score 8 and 9.
  • You will get links to training manual my student used for passing IELTS -No need to attend classes and pay huge amount again


10] How to apply for other programs like the Care Giver Program and Provincial Nominee Program if you ever fall short of the Federal Skilled Program due to age or qualification.


11] How to get Proof of Fund if you don’t have enough money.


12] How to get a Job in Canada


13] How To Access Settlement Plan Available To Newcomers

Mr Adjo Moved Permanently To

British Columbia From Kumasi Within 5 Months

Mrs Yusuff Family Moved From Ilorin

To Alberta Without Using Any Travel Agent

As if that’s not enough, You’ll be getting this SPECIAL ACTION TAKER BONUSES:




– Suggested Items to bring to Canada.

– Opening a Canadian bank account from Nigeria.

– What Should I Wear as a First Time Traveler to Canada?

– Tips For Those People Who Will Be Landing in Winter.

– Step-by-Step guide to enroll your kids from kindergarten until secondary school


  1. B) Dominating Your Chosen Province Report. Practical commentary from occupant of different Canadian province. Information on Places/Organization to get furniture, mattress, clothes and other stuff to help you fill up your apartment for free. Worth $400 [200k]


  1. C) Report on Alternative programs to Federal Skilled Worker Program in case you fall short of the FSWP. Worth $1,600 [600k]


– Programs like the Provincial Nominee Program, Caregiver Program, Atlantic Immigration Pilot and Rural Northern Program with detailed links. You can apply even if you do not have any work experience or Proof of Fund.

  2. E) Report on How to Get Job within 30 Days of Arrival. Worth $600 [250k]


– Transitioning to your choice career including government Job

– List of employers and recruiting agencies that target international applicant

– Access to my unique walk through on preparing Resume that bring you in front of employers.

– Portals to get notified of Job openings everyday

– Interview questions: Things you could be asked in a Job interview


F) Document swipe box: Reference letters to verify the work experience, A Sample of One and Same Person Affidavit, A Sample of Bank Reference Letter (For Proof of Funds), A Sample of Mutual Fund Reference Letter, A Sample of PFA Letter (For Proof of Funds), Crossing the Border: Documents To Show at Port of Entry, Sample formats for POF LOE, Cash Salary Certificate, Sample LOE for change of NOC, How to get Request/Reference letter from your employer. Cheat Sheet For Canadian PR Visa Interview Worth $1,200 [450k]


G] Step-by-step guide of how to avoid Visa denial and hacks to get your visa approved if you suffered refusal Worth $300 [120k]


F] Over 30 real case studies of those who got their PR visa approved Worth $300 [120k]


H] Over 40 landing Gist of How People Settled in Canada  Worth $300 [120k]

I] 8 hot skills to learn before moving to Canada that generate average of $4,500 monthly Worth $300 [120k]


J] 12 Month Unlimited Updates About How to Relocate, Live and Prosper In Canada. Worth $500 [200k]

Obviously I am not going to charge you Total Value: $6, 500 even though it worth it

The Total Value For No IELTS To Canada Guide + Bonuses:

$6, 500 or N2, 275, 000 or 37,475 GHS

NOW I am giving you whooping 97% discount which makes it $229, mad steal right

You can see it’s a Good Deal at $229 instead of paying unscrupulous agent $3,000-$10,000

As A Show of Kindness…

During a short period of time, I will offer this video training program + all the bonuses to you for a one-time fee of $75 or N24, 999 or 439 GHS


YES! You will pay only – N24, 999 or $755 or 439 GHS


I know it’s damn cheap (& Hey I’m not stupid for doing it, just to give everyone access). 

By doing that, you’ll be saving over N75,000 – while you pay only N24, 999



If YES, Click Here Let’s Get Started.

If NO, you can pay $229 for the report later and it’ll still be worth it. Or go ahead to cough out $3,000-$10,000 to your Agent

WE STRONGLY reserve the right to SHUT DOWN THIS OFFER – anytime – without any public notice.

We can wake up tomorrow, Remove All The Bonuses & revert the price to N99, 999 – without any public announcement. 

Get started now – don’t make procrastination rob you of your relocation goals in 2023…

Total Value Worth – N2, 275, 000

Normal Price – Only 99, 999

Today’s Special Price

N24, 999

CAUTION: We’ll Be Increasing The Price To N99, 999 or 1319 GHS or $229 – Without Any Announcement 


How safe is my card to make payment on your website


Our payment page is secured and built with Bank-Grade security features. We don’t store any customer credit card details as a result can’t be stolen

We deploy Paystack and Flutterwave (payment processor) which is a PCI- DSS complaint. This certification is a proof they have satisfied highest level of global Security Audit. We use them to collect payments from customers in different currencies, including Dollars, Kenya shillings, Cedis and Naira.


How am I sure what you’re saying is true and will work for me?

Questions People Are Asking…

Question #1: Will all the information be relevant to immigrate from my home country to Canada legally? 

Yes, Canadian visa application is same requirement for countries


Question #2: Will It Work For Me?

It depends, if you’re not an Action Taker, it won’t work and no magical technique will work for you because you won’t do anything with it. If you’re willing to take action and follow the easy step by step training… 

This will work for you as long as you follow the instructions provided inside the report.


Question #3: Is this a video training or just an ebook?

In order to make it accessible to others in different part of the world, we have carefully packaged everything you need in to… 

+ Video Training Program 

+ PDF Guides 

+ Online Support Group

+ Done For You Templates 

+ ADVANCED Case Studies 

+ Extra Bonuses 

+ And So Much More… 

Which you can immediately or easily download to your phone or laptop or login with your username and password to access the dashboard

Who Has This Worked For?

The Archeampong Family Saved $5,000

Charged By An Immigration Lawyer Doing It Themselves

The Bakare Family In spite of Stumbling

Blocks Relocated To Edmonton From Abuja

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